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OVI/DUI Defense Attorneys in Xenia, Ohio

If you have been arrested for DUI/OVI in Xenia, Ohio, you may be faced with penalties that range from fines or suspension of your driver’s license to imprisonment. It’s important to know your rights and your legal options. Even more importantly, you may want to seek representation from an OVI lawyer in the Xenia area.

Peterson & Peterson offers legal representation for those who have been arrested for OVI/DUI. We advocate for you to establish your innocence or reduce your sentence based on the facts of the case. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and helping you with your case. Contact our law firm today for a free case assessment with an OVI lawyer serving Xenia, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, and the surrounding areas of Ohio.

What Is OVI in Ohio? Is It the Same As DUI?

There are many terms or acronyms that the legal system uses for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, such as DUI, DWI, or OUI. In Ohio, one of the most common terms is OVI or operating a vehicle under the influence.

Due to changes in Ohio law, there is no longer a requirement that a vehicle is motorized for a person to be charged with an alcohol or drug-related offense. For instance, a person may be charged for riding a horse or operating a bicycle while intoxicated. Therefore, an OVI charge is still a DUI, but with a broader application under the law.

Facing an OVI/DUI charge?

What Can Happen If You Get an OVI?

The state of Ohio imposes serious penalties for an OVI charge such as:

First Offense

An OVI is typically charged as a first-degree misdemeanor that carries penalties such as jail time, high fines, and a suspension of your license. The penalties you face depend on whether you took a breathalyzer test and the test results.

Jail time is a minimum of three days. Fines can range from $300 to $1,000. You may also incur a license suspension for up to three years. In addition, a judge may add an ignition interlock to your sentence.

Second Offense

If the second offense occurs within six years of the first conviction, the penalties will be more severe. Jail time ranges from ten days to 180 days in jail, a seven-year license suspension and a fine of up to $1600.

A judge may also add a yellow license plate, ignition interlock device, or a substance abuse treatment program to your sentence. As with the first offense, your sentence may depend on the results of your breathalyzer test.

Third Offense

If the third offense occurs within six years of the second offense, then the penalties will, once again, be more significant. Jail time ranges from 30 days to one year. If you refuse a test or your blood alcohol content tests high, then the sentence could double. Fines range from $850 to $2,750. You may also have your license suspended for up to 10 years.

Other penalties include a mandated driver intervention program, ignition interlock, and vehicle forfeiture. Keep in mind that each subsequent offense increases fines, jail time, license suspension, and other penalties.

Why You Need an OVI Lawyer

A DUI can affect all areas of your life, including your family, finances, career, and reputation. For this reason, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced OVI lawyer. How can a lawyer help you with your case? An experienced attorney can:

  • Negotiate with the prosecution for a plea bargain

  • Appeal to the court to reduce your sentence

  • Investigate the case to determine the facts

  • Negotiate the terms of your probation

  • Provide legal consultation

  • Guide you through the litigation process

Even if the likelihood of a conviction is high, an attorney can work with the court system to reduce or remove some of your penalties so that it has less impact on your future.

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